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Barcelona University Spain Barcelona The Autonomous University of Barcelona is among the best education establishments in Spain and the European Union in terms of the quality of teaching and research. Recently, students got an opportunity to take courses dedicated to Country Branding Strategy on the faculty of Business Management. Particularly these topics are discussed in such courses as Strategic Management and Service Management. [1]
Brunel University England London Brunel University’s slogan is “research and enterprise for the benefit of individual and society”. Its reputation has been built on groundbreaking work in subjects ranging from sociology to business. Country Branding is one of the topics being mentioned in various research works. This subject hasn’t been a leading issue in scientific studies, but it is currently gaining more and more attention as its importance becomes obvious. [2]
City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong Kowloon City University of Hong Kong offers professional education that prepares its students for the challenges and opportunities opening up in Hong Kong, the Asia-Pacific region and throughout the world in business, science and engineering, energy and environment, law, creative media and social sciences. Country Branding subject has been discussed by Assistant Professor from the Department of Management in his research "Constructing the country branding equity model for tourism development", for which he got research grant. [3]
California College of the Arts.png
California College of the Arts San Francisco USA From Nation Building to Nation Branding. This seminar will examine the relationship between cultural production and the imagined communities of the nation-state, from its origins in the nineteenth century to today's branding of place in a global market economy. Contemporary nation branding influences how history, memory, and identity are negotiated in major exhibitions, art fairs, tourist propaganda, and architectural monuments, most evident in emerging economies and postcolonial contexts where nation branding is privileged as a powerful development strategy. Nations now undertake brand marketing as if they were multinational corporations, leveraged through integrated messaging campaigns, which purport to distill a country's "essence" in terms of its sense of place, culture, and national character. Yet, as in the marketing of commodities, the scope of these strategies extends beyond marketing and distribution towards a remaking of the product itself. And in its most assertive form, nation branding approaches a form of social engineering, influencing governmental policies concerning urban planning, trade agreements, education, and indigenous rights. During the course of our discussions, we will draw on case studies from Europe, Asia, and Africa to examine visual culture across a wide range of media, but will also examine how media, and in particular social media, has challenged traditional concepts of nationhood. [4]
Columbia college Chicago.jpg
Columbia College Chicago USA Chicago Countries brand themselves to promote export of their products, encourage international businesses investment within their borders, promote tourism, strengthen internal cultures and systems, and earn respect globally. Open to students from all departments and from all nations.
CBS Logo1.png
Copenhagen Business School Denmark Copenhagen The aim of the course is to develop a critical understanding of nation branding, the rise of image management and its implications for the constructions of national identities and national space.
Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf Germany Dusseldorf Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf is one of the younger higher education institutions in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, already has gained a reputation of being a university with ideal conditions suited to academic life. It has direct impact on the development of Country Branding concept by covering it in such courses as Social Sciences and Political Economy. [5]
Hellenic American University Greece Athens Hellenic American University provides the highest quality American education that is interculturally informed, interdisciplinary in nature, and career relevant. The Country Branding concept is introduced in the course “Business Administration”. This part of the course enables students to think critically from a variety of business and social perspectives, understand the complex and multidimensional nature of nation branding, and critically analyze the strategic options available to nations in their branding activities. [6]
EQUIS logo.png
IAE Aix-en-Provence Graduate School of Management Aix-en-Provence France Concepts and models (purchasing decision criteria, brand identity…) that will enable them to mobilise sophisticated knowledge and apply it to adapted marketing decisions. [7]
Institute for Cultural Diplomacy Germany Berlin The major objectives of the ICD are to extend current research, programs and practices in the field of cultural diplomacy and create a platform to promote and sustain inter-cultural dialogue at all levels. It organized a conference in Berlin “ Nation Branding in a Globalized World” in 2010. The speakers during the conference included leading figures and experts from international politics, academia, the diplomatic community, civil society and the private sector from around the world. [8] [9]
Michigan State University USA East Lansing Marketing concepts and methods in commercial recreation and tourism management. Planning and decision making. Corporate, small business, destination marketing and public sector natural resource agencies. [10]
Nottingham Trent University - School of Arts Notthingam UK This course encourages you to carry out development and research into a specific area of focus. Recent examples include: fashion, product, packaging, corporate and organisational considerations, new media, place/location. One can consider branding in various contexts and its impact ethically, politically, culturally and economically, both nationally and internationally. [11]
Peking University China Beijing Peking University is a comprehensive and national key university. The faculties actively participate in national research and undertake a variety of commissioned projects, offering advice and suggestions on national overseas communication. They have formed a close cooperative relationship with governments and the media. The forum focused on Nation Branding has been organized by Peking University. Forum participants agreed that international communication was a national strategy that required coordination and collaboration among various diffusion subjects. [12]
Staffordshire University.jpg
Staffordshire University England Stoke-on-Trent Our emphasis is on developing graduates with key advertising and brand communication skills focusing on creative practice underpinned by strategic thinking. Combining a mix of creative practice, theory and marketing, you will develop a clear understanding of the integration of creative activities and marketing functions. You will understand advertising and brand management in a real-world context via our links with advertising and design agencies, visits to cultural centres in the UK, Europe and the US and interaction with industry organisations like D&AD, European Foundation for Commercial Communications Education (EFCCE), and the Manchester Publicity Organisation (MPA). [13]
Stockholm University Sweden Stockholm Stockholm University, located in Sweden's capital city, is the region’s center for higher education and research in science. They have created the CBM Informational Forum as an opportunity for master's degree students to get access to papers and lectures by international visiting researchers within the field of Consumer and Business Marketing. (In November 2011 José Filipe Torres, CEO of Bloom Consulting, lectured about Country Branding). [14]
Stockholm University School of Business Sweden Stockholm The Stockholm Program of Place Branding covers six core areas of research: City Branding, Destination and Tourism Marketing, Strategic Marketing Communication, Place and Consumer Behaviour, Marketing for Business, Public and the Non-profit Sector, MICE (Meeting, incentives, conventions and exhibitions). [15]
Dehli school of communication.jpg
The Delhi School of Communication India Delhi Exclusive research on Nation branding [16]
The George Washington University USA Washington DC The George Washington University’s programs are nationally ranked by premier organizations such as the Princeton Review and the Financial Times. Their marketing department hosts an annual Nation Branding and Public Diplomacy Panel discussion featuring foreign officials who work within the fields of branding, media and communication issues. [17]
University of Applied Sciences, Hochschule RheinMain Germany Wiesbaden The University of Applied Science, Hochschule RheinMain, established a Research Center for Nation Branding in 2008. Through unique scientific methods they develop strategic and operative activities for the marketing of countries, regions and cities. [18]
University of Gloucestershire .jpg
University of Gloucestershire England Cheltenham Marketing Management and Branding is designed to place you in the brand manager’s driving seat. This programme equips students with the knowledge and skills to tackle a wide variety of strategic marketing and brand management problems. [19]
University of Nevada USA Las Vegas Brunel University and the University of Lincoln invited academics, doctoral researchers, policy makers, and other practitioners to submit papers to the 3rd International Colloquium on Place Management, Marketing and Nation Branding, which was held on 8th and 9th September 2011. [20]
University of South Africa Pretoria, Gauteng South Africa The spread of globalization and technological progression in the area of telecommunication is contributing to the integration of markets, which in turn is adding to the growth of competition among countries. This situation is contributing to the growing importance of the role of differentiation and country branding. [21]
University of West London England London University of West London is at the cutting edge of the field of corporate communication and strategic public relations. This course offers an exciting, lifelong learning experience for management generalists, PR specialists and for those seeking professional development. Students are given the opportunity to attend PR events, conferences and an international, full day workshop with visiting scholars.

The course is run by specialists who have long-established teaching and research expertise. It draws on a wide range of disciplines, including PR management theory, integrated marketing communication, social psychology, advertising, mass media and corporate and media law.