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Bloom Consulting [1] Nation branding experts working exclusively with countries, regions and cities in the field of tourism, trade and talent. Bloom Consulting specialize in place branding in five segments: Exports, Investment, Tourism, Talent and Prominence.
Future Brand [2] FutureBrand combines expertise in brand strategy, identity, digital, retail, environmental, product and service design

to define and connect every aspect of a brand experience throughout many different disciplines.

Saffron [3] Saffron are a global brand and innovation consultancy, who help their clients to transform themselves and their markets.
Wolff Olins [4] Wolff Olins are international brand consultants who represent their clients in all sectors.
Resonance stacked.jpg
Resonance [5] Resonance work on creating new brands for the real estate, travel, tourism, hospitality and beverage industries.
Portland [6] Portland is a communications and public affairs consultancy.

Business Professionals

Key Players

Name Title Organisation Link Comment
Simon Anholt Independent Policy Advisor Simon Anholt [7] Strategies for over 40 countries including: Mexico, Germany, Bhutan, the Netherlands, Chile, South Korea, Tanzania, Sweden, The Faroe Islands, plus numerous cities and regions. Publications: "Brand America. The mother of all brands"; Places: Identity, Image and Reputation; Competitive Identity: the new brand management for nations, cities and regions; journal: "Place Branding and Public Diplomacy".
Jose Filipe Torres CEO Bloom Consulting [8] In 2014, José Torres' Bloom Consulting officially launched a new research tool called Digital Demand© (D2©), an innovative way of understanding a nation, city or region online appeal to international tourists. This tool is currently being used by the Tourism Boards of Austria, Germany, Sweden, Aruba, Seychelles, Aruba, Malta, Latvia, Brussels, Madrid and Helsinki, as well as the Investment Promotion Agencies of Latvia, Cape Verde and several european cities.
Wally Olins Chairman Saffron Brand Consultants [9] Strategies for Mauritius, Northern Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Vietnam, London. Publications: "Trading Identities. Why countries and companies are taking on each other's role"

Simon Anholt


Simon Anholt is an independent policy advisor who has helped more than 50 countries engage more productively with the rest of the world. Mr Anholt is the author who coined the term ‘nation brand’ in a 1996 academic paper, although he does not believe in the act of nation branding and said: “Nation branding does not exist; it is a myth, and rather a dangerous one.”

He has advised the Heads of State, Heads of Government, administrations, business and civil society leaders of more than 40 countries as well as numerous regions and cities.

Simon Anholt is an Honorary Professor at the University of East Anglia in the UK and holds a number of other honorary and advisory positions around the world.

His most important recent project is the introduction of the concept of Good Country and the development of the Good Country Index, which measures what each country on Earth contributes to the common good of humanity, and what it takes away, relative to its size. The concept was introduced in his TEDSalon talk in June 2014.

He is the founder and publisher of the global annual research studies: Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index, Anholt-GfK Roper City Brands Index and Anholt-GfK Roper State Brands Index, three major surveys that use a panel of over 20,000 people in 25 countries to monitor global perceptions of 50 countries, 50 cities and the 52 States of the Union. Anholt is a Parliamentarian of the European Cultural Parliament. He was awarded the "Nobels Colloquia Prize for Economics in Trieste", not to be confused with the Nobel Prize, in 2009 and the Prix d'Excellence du Forum Multiculturel pour un Développement Durable (Award for Excellence in Sustainable Development) at the 7th Multicultural Forum at the Palais de la Découverte, Paris, in 2010.

Mr Anholt has published five books about Nation Brand. He is the founder and Editor Emeritus of an academic journal on the same subject, and each year since 2005 has published two major global surveys tracking public perceptions of countries and cities. He is the author of the book 'Another One Bites The Grass' and editor of the quarterly journal 'Place Branding and Public Diplomacy'. His book on the role of brands in economic development 'Brand New Justice' was first published in 2003. He is a co-author of Beyond Branding (Kogan Page 2003), Brands and Branding (The Economist 2003), Heritage and Identity – Shaping the Nations of the North (Donhead 2002) and Destination Marketing (Butterworth Heinemann 2001/2003/2009). His more recent books are 'Brand America', (Cyan Books 2004 and 2009); 'Competitive Identity: the New Brand Management for Nations, Cities and Region' (Palgrave Macmillan 2007); and 'Places: Image, Identity and Reputation' (Palgrave Macmillan 2010).

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José Filipe Torres


José Filipe Torres is one of the world’s top experts in country branding as well as CEO and founding partner of Bloom Consulting, a firm that specialises in Nation Branding and place branding. Starting from the early age of eighteen, Mr. Torres has been working in the Consulting and Marketing industry across the world. The American company, FutureBrand, invited him to join the company in 2001, where he was responsible for the first Country Branding project ever developed in the company. In 2003 he founded Bloom Consulting, where he currently works as the CEO.

Mr Torres has been advising countries in the field of strategy and branding for the last 14 years. Already working for over 40 countries, regions and cities across all continents. He also collaborates with OECD and the World Economic Forum. Bloom Consulting, the company Mr Torres presides, introduced a new concept to the field of Country Branding in 2015 – #Digital Country (a country or a place that has triggered proactive interest from different stakeholders towards that country or that place in the digital world). Every year Bloom Consulting publishes a renowned set of brand rankings, measuring the brand appeal of countries in the digital world (The Digital Country Index), the effectiveness of country brands in attracting tourism and investment (Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking). The rankings are based on the data from the proprietary analytical software Digital Demand - D2©.

He has been interviewed by The Economist, Forbes Magazine and CNN and today he is considered by many as one of the top global specialists in Country Branding. He is regularly invited as a key note speaker to several conferences across the world, such as the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (ICD), Berlin; Baltic Development Forum, Helsinki; Federação das Indústrias do Estado de São Paulo; Poland Brand Positioning (together with the Polish Minister of Economy), Warsaw; Latvia competitiveness Forum (together with the Latvian Minister of Economy), Riga. Mr. Torres has also been a guest speaker at some of the most prestigious universities in the world, such as Harvard University, London Business School, IE Business School, Solvay Brussels School of Economics, ESADE Business School, Stockholm School of Economics.

Mr. Torres works directly with heads of state. In his list of clients, you can find the Bulgarian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Latvian governments, along with many others countries and regions in Europe, South America and Asia. Mr. Torres is also a guest at the United Nations WTO Panel of Tourism Experts.

In 2011, his company initiated a global research project, in which 193 countries were analyzed on their respective brand performance. This research is published every year under the name of: “Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking”

Wally Olins (1930-2014)

alt text

Wally Olins (19 December 1930 – 14 April 2014) was the Chairman of Saffron Brand Consultants of London, Madrid, Mumbai and New York.

After studying history at the University of Oxford he went into advertising in London. He was sent to India and his first big job was as head of what became Ogilvy and Mather in Mumbai, where he lived for five years. He came back to London and co-founded Wolff Olins. There he was Chairman until 1997. He founded Saffron Brand Consultants in 2001 with an ex-colleague from Wolff Olins, Jacob Benbunan.

Wally Olins has advised many of the world’s leading organisations on identity, branding, communication and other related matters. These include 3i, Akzo Nobel, Repsol, Q8, The Portuguese Tourist Board, BT, Prudential, Renault, Volkswagen, and Tata. He has acted as advisor both to McKinsey and Bain on branding and marketing.

He worked for a number of cities and countries on national brand image including London, Mauritius, Northern Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Vietnam.

Wally Olins wrote several books including the seminal work ‘Corporate Identity’. His book ‘Wally Olins: On Brand’ was published in 20 countries. His latest book 'Wally Olins: The Brand Handbook' was published in May 2008. He taught at many Business Schools including London Business School, Said Business School at Oxford, Lancaster University, Imperial College Business School, Copenhagen Business School and Duxx University in Mexico, and he held seminars on branding and communication issues around the world.

On 9 September 2010, Wally Olins was appointed to create a brand idea and brand identity for the state of West Bengal, India, three months after he had met the chief minister of the state with a proposal to position the state as a place to invest in, study in, work in and visit as a tourist (as reported in The Telegraph). He was awarded a CBE in 1999. He was nominated for the Prince Philip Designers Prize in 1999 and received the Royal Society of Arts’ Bicentenary Medal in 2000. He was given the D&AD President’s Award in 2003. He was given the Reputation Institute’s first ever Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006.

Other Business Professionals

Photo Name Title Organisation Link Comment
Allan, Malcolm Managing Director at Place Matters Ltd. Place Matters Ltd. [10] PlaceMatters was founded in 2012 by Malcolm Allan. Malcolm Allan is a qualified town planner who has worked as a place maker and place brander for forty years in both the public and private sectors in the UK and in many other places around the world. In 2003, he co-founded Placebrands, the world’s first dedicated place brand agency, and then joined Locum Destination Consulting in 2007 to lead on its destination brand work. In 2009 he joined the Development Solutions Team at Colliers CRE and managed the work of its international development team, developing his specialism as a place and destination brander and manager.
Marcus Andersson.jpg
Andersson, Marcus CEO of Tendensor International Tendensor International [11] Marcus Andersson is CEO and co-founder of Tendensor International. He advises countries, cities, regions and clusters on their reputation and attractiveness and leads research and consultancy projects in Northern Europe. Marcus has worked for Baltic Development Forum, the Swedish Government, and the European Commission, with communication and project management in policy areas such as cluster development, innovation, entrepreneurship and security policy, as well as with marketing in different positions. He holds an MA in Political Science from Uppsala University and an MSc. in Marketing, Business and Economics from Stockholm University School of Business. He has published a range of academic papers, articles, reports and handbooks on topics such as cluster development, macro-regional branding and general place branding.
Baker, Bill President of Total Destination Marketing Total Destination Marketing [12] Bill Baker is Chief Strategist for Total Destination Marketing. He is recognized internationally as a leader and pioneer for his successes in marketing and branding hundreds of cities, regions, and nations with a wide range of tourism solutions. Based in Oregon, he has focused on boosting the competitiveness and performance of small cities and regions in the USA in tourism and economic development since 2000.

Bill has developed successful tourism and branding strategies for dozens of locations throughout the United States and Australia. He has been directly involved in some of the most respected destination branding campaigns in the USA. While in Australia he was responsible for the highly acclaimed "Shrimp on the Barbie" campaign, which he directed for seven years. He has produced tourism strategies for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and has been asked to provide strategic counsel to destinations around the world including Hong Kong, Guam, India, Macau, and Saudi Arabia, as well as Australia's global branding and integrated marketing campaigns. Bill has been interviewed by CNN, NPR, The Travel Channel, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, New Yorker, Forbes, Inc, USA Today, as well as many other leading international outlets. He is widely published and is the author of the best-seller, “Destination Branding for Small Cities”. He is always in demand as a speaker on place branding, energizing seminars and educational forums around the world.

Tom Buncle.jpeg
Buncle, Tom Managing Director of Yellow Railroad Ltd. Yellow Railroad Ltd. [13] Tom Buncle is Managing Director of Yellow Railroad Ltd., an international destination consultancy firm. He is a former Chief Executive of Visit Scotland and has worked for Visit Britain in the USA, Canada, Scandinavia and Southeast Asia. He is also an author and lecturer on destination branding, tourism marketing, global travel trends and crisis recovery. He authored the definitive Handbook on Tourism Destination Branding, published by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and European Travel Commission (ETC). He speaks regularly at international conferences and lectures at universities and business schools.
Martin Boisen.jpg
Boisen, Martin Lecturer in Human Geography & Planning at University of Groningen, The International Place Branding Association University of Groningen [14] Martin Boisen is a Danish geographer with a MSc. degree (cum laude) from Utrecht University. He lives and works from the heart of city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Independent Advisor at BOISEN: For the Love of Place, Co-founder of Phønix: The International Place Branding Panel and Lecturer at the University of Groningen. Over the last ten years, Martin Boisen has been involved in around 70 projects related to place branding, especially in connection with cities.
Cromwell, Thomas President of East West Communications East West Communications [15] Thomas Cromwell is the President of East West Communications and one of the world's leading experts on nation branding. In 2005, the WTO Press and Information Department invited him and East West to serve as a nation branding consultant. He has travelled to over 110 countries and worked with many governments on their branding and communications needs, including the preparation of country reports for The Washington Post, The Washington Times and other media. Countries he has worked with include Greece, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Fiji, Peru, Liechtenstein, Singapore and Zambia.
Hanna, Jeannette Chief Strategist in the Trajectory Trajectory [16] Jeannette Hanna is an expert from the strategic branding agency Trajectory in Canada. She works in fields of place branding, placemaking and place management. Raised in New York City, Jeannette is a graduate of Rutgers University.

As co-author of Ikonica, A Field Guide to Canada’s Brandscapeshe explored the interdependencies of commerce, culture and community. It’s a theme that’s been honed over her long tenure as the brand strategy lead for Spencer Francey Peters (later, CundariSFP) and then as a founder of Trajectory. Her client roster reflects Jeannette’s range – from billion dollar enterprises to innovative start-ups – across a broad spectrum of sectors. Jeannette lectures regularly at business schools and conferences on emerging trends in branding and stakeholder engagement. She’s also a contributing author to several books: Rediscovering the Wealth of Places; Measuring Marketing Communications Effectiveness in an Ever-changing World – the Role of the MarCom Dashboard. Her volunteer roles have included: Canadian Marketing Association’s Brand Council; Design Management Institute (Board) and Wellspring.

Chris Fair.jpg
Fair, Chris President of Resonance Consultancy Resonance Consultancy [17] Chris Fair is the president of Resonance Consultancy. He holds a Masters Degree in Studies of the Future and has married his marketing expertise with futures methodologies to help clients envision and develop new places, products and organizations. Over the course of his career, Chris has led the branding and marketing of dozens of communities and destinations ranging from master planned destination resorts to entire cities. He is also a frequent public speaker, keen to share his insights on development trends and societal behaviour.
Joao Freire.jpg
Freire, Joao R. Place Branding Expert Co-founder of Ecoterra [18] Joao R. Freire has worked in the fields of finance and marketing for several multinational companies in Brazil, Portugal and the United Kingdom. He holds a PhD in Place Branding from the London Metropolitan University (UK), where he is also a guest lecturer in marketing. His research focused on the analysis of the interaction between "place brands" and consumers. Joao’s greatest interest is in branding and, more specifically, Place Branding. After years of quantitative and qualitative research and working on branding issues, he has developed new ideas and a unique methodology for brand identity construction. He is a frequent speaker and author, with his work focusing on topics to do with branding. His articles have appeared in international publications such as Place Branding, Journal of Brand Management, Social Responsibility Journal, the Journal of Tourism and Development and the book 'Nation Branding: Concepts, Issues, Practice'. He has also been invited to serve as a reviewer for the Place Branding Journal, which is published by Palgrave Macmillan, London, UK. Joao works as a Brand Consultant for Brandia Central in Lisbon.
Kalandides, Ares Managing Director Inpolis [19] Editorial member of the Journal of Place Management and Development and organiser of conferences on place branding.
Gustavo Koniszczer.jpg
Koniszczer, Gustavo Managing Director of FutureBrand Spanish Latin America FutureBrand [20] Gustavo Koniszczer is the Administrative Director for Hispanoamérica at FutureBrand, global consulting in brand strategy and creation, responsible for the Buenos Aires, Santiago, Lima, Bogotá and Mexico offices. He was part of the first group of graduates of the Graphic Design Course of the School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism from Universidade de Buenos Aires, in 1987. He was President of the ADG (Associação de Designers Gráficos de Buenos Aires, from 1988 - 1990. Throughout his career, he received awards and honours and was invited to give talks in Brazil and internationally. Currently, he manages FutureBrand projects in all of Latin America.
Levine, Andrew President/Chief Creative Officer at Development Counsellors International Development Counsellors International [21] Andrew Levine is currently in the Board of Directors at the International Economic Development Council and he is the President/Chief Creative Officer at Development Counsellors International. He has more than twenty years of experience in "Marketing Places" - working for a broad range of countries, states, regions, cities and other communities. His specialities are economic development marketing, travel marketing, place branding, media relations, and prospect development/qualification.
Jonathan McClory.jpg
McClory, Jonathan Partner at Portland Communications Portland Communications [22] Jonathan McClory leads Portland’s Place Branding practice. He is a specialist in soft power, public diplomacy, cultural relations and place branding. Jonathan has advised senior government clients in the UK, Europe, and Asia on reputation, policy, and effective global engagement. Jonathan previously led the place branding initiative at the London-based creative agency Winkreative. Prior to this, he worked as a consultant in the London office of the Boston Consulting Group.

Before working in the private sector, Jonathan was Senior Researcher at the Institute for Government (IfG), where he remains an Associate. While at the IfG, Jonathan developed the world’s first composite index for measuring the soft power of countries, used as a benchmark by foreign ministries across the globe.

Menzel, Daniel Sebastian Founder of the Berlin-based branding agency von FORMAT von FORMAT [23] Expertise: brand management in the area of travelling and tourism, place branding, nation branding.
Paul Temporal.jpg
Temporal, Paul Associate Fellow at Saïd Business School Saïd Business School [24] Dr Temporal is a leading global expert on brand creation, development and management with over thirty years of experience in consulting and training. He has worked with leading companies and governments, and is well known for his practical and results-oriented approach.

Paul has featured in mainstream global media such as the New York Times, the Asian Wall Street Journal, Sunday Times of India, CNBC, the Economist, Business Week and multiple e-media. He has written 16 books on Brand Strategy and Management. He has also worked with many ministries, departments, statutory bodies and GLC’s in Asian countries. Corporate clients include such major companies as Coca Cola Corporation, Microsoft, McKinsey & Company and many more. Dr. Temporal was educated at Leeds and Oxford Universities in the UK, and holds Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees in Management, a degree in Economics, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education. Paul is an Associate Fellow at Saïd Business School, and at Green Templeton College, University of Oxford, and is a Visiting Professor at Peking University HSBC Business School, China.


Photo Name Title Organisation Link Comment
Avraham, Eli Academic teacher at Haifa University Haifa University [25] He is a senior lecturer in the University of Haifa, Israel. He has published numerous articles on a variety of subjects in professional journals and has also written a few award-winning books, including 'Campaigns for Promoting and Marketing Cities in Israel' (2003) and 'Media Strategies for Marketing Places in Crisis: Improving the Image of Cities, Countries and Tourist Destinations' (2008). Professor Avraham has delivered keynote speeches and received an award from the International Communication Association for his research on Israeli advertising.
Braun, Erik Senior researcher and lecturer Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands [26] Erik Braun is a Senior Researcher and Lecturer in Urban Economics and Urban Management at the Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. His specialization is city marketing and he has been invited by many cities in Europe as a city marketing expert. He is the (co)author of several books, numerous research reports and has published in journals such as Urban Studies and Environment and Planning. His PhD thesis was titled ‘City Marketing – Towards an Integrated Approach’. He is also one of the initiators of the National City Marketing Monitor in The Netherlands – the first large-scale survey about the practice of city marketing in The Netherlands. Erik Braun teaches City Marketing and Urban and Regional Economics in the educational programs of the Erasmus School of Economics. He contributed to the International International Place Branding Yearbook 2011.
Magdalena Florek.jpg
Florek, Magdalena Place marketing and branding researcher and co-founder of the Best Place Institute, also Vice Chairman of the International Place Branding Association Best Place Institute [27] Magdalena Florek is a place marketing and branding researcher and co-founder of the Best Place – European Place Marketing Institute, a place marketing think-tank. She received her Ph.D. and post-doctoral degree in Management and Marketing. Since completion of her master studies, her main focus has been place marketing. Recently her main interest has been place brand equity as a tool to measure place branding performance, as well as place attachment.
Alan Fyall.jpg
Fyall, Alan Professor of Tourism Marketing and Graduate Programs Director at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management, University of Central Florida University of Central Florida [28] Dr. Alan Fyall is Orange County Endowed Professor of Tourism Marketing and Graduate Programs Director at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management, University of Central Florida. He has published widely in his fields of expertise and is the author of over 150 articles, book chapters and conference papers. He has also written 20 books, which include Tourism Principles & Practice, one of the leading international textbooks on the subject published by Pearson. Alan currently teaches International Tourism Management and Destination Marketing & Management.
Go, Frank M. Professor and Director of the Centre for Tourism Management at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University, The Netherlands. Centre for Tourism Management at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University, The Netherlands. [29] Frank M. Go is Professor and Director of the Centre for Tourism Management at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University, The Netherlands. Prior to his present post he served within business faculties at universities in Canada and Hong Kong. His research focus is on marketing strategy, destination images and brand identity, ICT and innovation, and sustainable business development. He serves as Academic Director of a joint MSc program between the RSM and the Hotel School, The Hague, The Netherlands, and is a visiting professor at Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan and the Open University Business School, UK. Go has also (co-)written more than 125 journal articles, official reports and book chapters, in which most of his writing has focused on the need to integrate technological, market and organizational change in travel, destination and hospitality contexts to improve the effectiveness of organizations. He made contributions to the International Place Branding Yearbook 2011.
Govers, Robert Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Leuven University of Leuven [30] Robert Govers is an adjunct associate professor at the University of Leuven, Belgium, and a visiting scholar at the Rotterdam School of Manag­ement, The Nethe­rlands, IULM University Milano, Italy, and several institutes in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He also teaches Place Branding on the UNESCO World Heritage at Work Master programme in Torino, Italy. Besides this, Govers is an indep­endent place branding advisor for national, regional and city government admin­istra­tions. Govers is co-editor of the quarterly journal, Place Branding and Public Diplomacy. Together with Prof. Dr. Frank Go he is the author of: Place Branding: Glocal, virtual and physical, identities const­ructed, perceived and exper­ienced (2009) and editor of the Inter­natio­nal Place Branding Yearbook Series (2010, 2011 and 2012) all with Palgrave Macmillan. He also co-authored over forty journal articles, book chapters and conference papers in the field of place branding, tourism, reputation manag­ement, e-commerce and marketing research. Govers has delivered over sixty public speeches and over twenty business publi­catio­ns.

Govers has both a doctorate(2005) and master’s degree (1995) from the Rotterdam School of Manag­ement, Erasmus Unive­rsity, The Nethe­rlands. He is also a member of the jury for the Dutch City Marketing Innovation Award.

Insch, Andrea Senior Lecturer University of Otago, Marketing Department [] Dr. Andrea Insch’s research expertise is focused on place-based marketing, with an emphasis on understanding and measuring the ways that place identity can create stakeholder value. She is working on defining and measuring place brand equity in New Zealand’s cities and regions and hopes to extend this research to other countries. She was recently awarded a School of Business Emerging Researcher Award.
Mihalis Kavaratzis.jpg
Kavaratzis, Mihalis Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Management and Adviser on Place Marketing/ Branding at School of Management, University of Leicester University of Leicester [31] Mihalis Kavaratzis is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Management and an Adviser on Place Marketing/Branding at School of Management, University of Leicester. He has degrees in Business Administration from the University of Piraeus, Greece and in Marketing from the University of Stirling, Scotland. He also holds a PhD in City Marketing from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and is particularly interested in the application of branding within place management.
Morgan, Nigel Professor of Tourism Studies Cardiff Metropolitan University [32] Several publications on destination branding such as, “New Zealand, 100% Pure. The creation of a powerful niche destination brand.”
Joseph nye.jpg
Nye, Joseph Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor Harvard University [33] Professor Joseph Nye is an internationally recognised Harvard University professor who, for the first time, in 1990, formulated the concept of ‘soft power’. The notion became internationally known thanks to a piece Professor Nye wrote in ‘Foreign Policy’.

In 2014, he was appointed by the Secretary of State John Kerry to the Foreign Affairs Policy Board. Professor Nye also serves as a Commissioner for the Global Commission on Internet Governance.

Oliveira, Eduardo Ph.D. Researcher University of Groningen, the Netherlands [34] Eduardo Oliveira is a Ph.D. researcher in Spatial Planning and Environment, Faculty of Spatial Sciences of the University of Groningen, in the Netherlands. Oliveira is also an author at Place Brands. His work focuses on the theory and practice of place branding in strategic spatial planning and his papers include place branding as a strategic spatial planning.
Papadopoulos, Nicolas Chancellor's Professor Sprott School of Business [35] Publications: "Place Image and Place Branding: What the Data Tells Us", "Place Branding: Evolution, Meaning and Implications", “The Rise of Country Branding: Implications for Business in Developed and Developing Countries”, in Jozsef Beràcs, ed., New Frontiers in Marketing Strategy: Brand Value and Business Success.
Temporal, Paul Director of research and CEO. Said Business School, University of Oxford and SXTC Global [36] His works include 'Branding in Asia: The creation, development and management of Asian brands for the global market' and 'Islamic Branding and Marketing: Creating a Global Islamic Business'. He has also lectured about Country Branding at Said Business School.