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Videos by experts

Malcolm Allan The Role of Culture in City Branding and Lessons for Nation Branding (Forum on Cultural Diplomacy in the Commonwealth in London, 2014)

During his lecture, Mr Malcolm talks about the importance to take into account culture and people in brand strategies that, in most of the cases, are ignored by nations. “As a nation you want to be able to bring people in who are sympathetic to your own goals and objectives.” This video is excellent to understand why it is fundamental to address and involve the people of the nations in branding strategies.

Simon Anholt Keynote Speech (Eurocities in Munich, 2014)

Mr. Anholt presented a very insightful key-note speech on destination branding focused on the international perceptions of countries, regions and cities. With historical explanations of the concepts and tales of his personal experience in the field, this is one of Simon Anholt’s must see key-notes, indispensable to understand his views on country branding.

Which country does the most good for the world? (TED Salon in Berlin, 2014)

Anholt speaks about all the challenges that countries are facing today and one in particularly: globalization. In 2005, Simon Anholt launched the Nation Brand Index : a very large study and database about what other people think and perceive about other countries and why. Countries depend enormously on their reputations in order to survive and prosper in the world. If you want to discover what is a "good country" and why we admire them, this video is a must-see.“In order to do well, you need to do good.”

Robert Govers Co-working and Place Branding in stable and unstable societies (3rd Space World Conference in Utrecht, 2012)

Through its clear presentation at the 3rd Space World, Mr Govers illustrates the meaning of the concept “place branding” in all its dimensions and aspects in a globalized world. This presentation must be seen in order to perceive the features of place branding.

Joao Freire Managing Dimensions for Destination Brand Building. The case of the Algarve Brand (Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin, 2011)

For Place Branding and Public Diplomacy Journal, Dr. Joao Freire explains the complexity of place branding and how to manage all the dimensions for destination brand building. To illustrate his speech, he uses the example of the Algarve brand, in Portugal and how “the value is in the label”.

Nigel Morgan Managing Place Reputations in an Age of Paradigm Shift (Forum on Cultural Diplomacy in the Commonwealth in London, 2014)

At the Forum on Cultural Diplomacy in the Commonwealth, Mr Morgan defines the relationship between tourism, culture and public diplomacy. The main challenge that places are facing, in particular small countries, is how they can try to influence and change for the better their destination or their place reputation. And, one of the most powerful ways to know about reputation is “what people say about you or your place when you are not in the room.” If you want to know more about Place Reputations, you can not miss this video.

Wally Olins The Nation and the Brand and the Nation as a Brand - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 (CI Convention in Graz, 2012)

Mr. Olins brings us a notion of “Legacy Nations” as an explanation of how historical reputation of certain countries gives them a considerable advantage over other countries. Country of Origin effect is deeply analysed by Wally Olins and considered a central asset for a country’s brand. If you want to know how flagship companies and the “made in effect” may affect a country’s reputation, this is a must see video.

Nation Branding (Creative Industries Convention in Graz, 2012)

During the Nation Branding Convention in Graz, Mr Olins gives a talk about place branding and nation branding from Historical events to globalization and legacy to illustrate those concepts. “The nation, the place has to compete to get more prosperous. You must see this video if you want to know more about nation and place branding.

Jose Filipe Torres José Torres Talks Nation Branding at Harvard University (Harvard University, USA, 2016)

CEO, José Filipe Torres, speaks at Harvard University about Bloom Consulting's nation branding strategies and the Abraham Path Initiative. Torres explains the process of branding the world's difficult regions such as in the Middle East, and how best to positively change their global perceptions.

Latin American countries-Ideas and recommendations for Country Branding (Berlin International Economics Congress, 2011)

During the Berlin International Economics Congress, José Torres delivers a speech about the way how countries communicate and the impact on their economy. "With a lot of countries, comes a lot of brands, and with a lot of brands, comes a lot of mistakes.” This video is an excellent introduction to the common mistakes that countries do when they develop country brand strategies. Mr Torres illustrates his speech with examples of countries explaining how they did it and what they did wrong.

Bruce Turkel Destination Branding (DMAI Annual Convention in Seattle, 2012)

“If everywhere you go is the same, why go there? Why spend money? Why travel?”. Nowadays, that is the main issue that Mr. Turkel points out. During his presentation at the Destination Marketing Association International, he explains, through different examples, how it is possible to change this paradigm. It is “All About Them”… An exciting must see video about Destination Branding.